About Us

Our Vision:

Every one set free by Christ and fulfilling their potential for God's Kingdom.

Our Mission:

Partner obediently with the Holy Spirit to make disciples of Jesus.

Our Core Values:

  • Jesus Christ as the only mediator between God and man, the only one who can "truly speak to thy condition."

  • Trusting the Holy Spirit to transform believers from the inside out.

  • The authority of the Bible as an infallible and preserved revelation from God, and its usefulness for everyday life.

  • The necessity of obedience to Christ in repentance and discipleship.

  • Every individual as uniquely created and loved by God.

  • Going the “second mile” in service to each other and our community.

  • Maintaining a safe place for honesty, confession, and growth without shame. Offering love, compassion, forgiveness, and encouragement as Christ offers us.

  • The regular “coming together” of believers to worship, pray, and build up the church through the sharing of their spiritual gifts.

  • A congregational church structure with servant leadership and accountability.

  • Our Friends heritage as a launching point for future ministry. 

  • Ecumenical cooperation with the one, universal church.


Mt. Carmel was established in 1825 and has a rich history of ministry, both locally and globally.

Certainly, our greatest strength (aside from God - which we'd consider a given) is the folks who comprise our "family of faith."

We are a church intent on growth as Christ-followers, enjoying the teaching of Scripture and the challenges of balancing "grace and truth" through the Word's proclamation and invitation for application.

Though some would say that we are a country church in the middle of nowhere, we consider ourselves quite fortunate to have thrived over the years with the opportunity for influence in Urbana, Bellefontaine, West Liberty, North Lewisburg, Marysville and points surrounding.  I guess you'd say that we're next to nothing, but close to everything!



Our Pastor

Our pastor is Jereme Proudman. Jereme and his wife, Megan,and family, came to Mount Carmel in September of 2014.

Jereme loves to combine passion with ministry. He has a passion for music, the outdoors, and the scriptures, for example. So, he helps with our Trail Life program for boys, leads worship, and teaches several Bible studies through the week.

He'd love to help you fulfill your potential for ministry via your gifts and passions, and introduce you to true freedom that can only be found in Jesus Christ!

Email: pastor@mtcarmelfriends.com